Robotic partial nephrectomy is a minimally invasive surgery that involves removal of a small kidney tumor while preserving the majority of the kidney. This approach allows for better kidney function and overall health for the patient.

A robotic partial nephrectomy is performed through several small incisions using a laparoscope – a lighted viewing instrument – to visualize the anatomy and other instruments to reach and remove the kidney tumor. During the operations, the surgeon uses robotic arms to control the movement of the laparoscope and surgical instruments. For the patient, this minimally invasive procedure typically results in less pain and a quicker recovery and return to work and leisure activities.

Washington University urologists are pioneers in robotic partial nephrectomy. Urologic surgeon Sam Bhayani, MD, developed a technique for the procedure that has been adopted around the world and has educated hundreds of surgeons on advanced robotic surgical techniques.

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