The Urologic Trauma and Reconstruction Fellowship is a one year clinical position, designed to provide expertise in adult reconstructive urology at Washington University at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Common conditions encountered include: urethral stricture disease, male incontinence, erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, ureteral strictures, hypospadias, rectourethral fistula, buried penis, transitional urology/urologic congenitalism, transgender surgery, neurogenic bladder, infertility and female urology.

Prerequisite/Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must be eligible for medical licensure in the state of Missouri prior to starting fellowship.
  2. Admission is contingent upon completion of an ACGME-approved residency in urology or the equivalent.
  3. Applicant should have completed all 3 steps of USMLE.
  4. Applicant must have 3 letters of support for fellowship. One of these letters must be from his/her current program director.

Contact Information

Gregory Murphy, MD – Fellowship Program Director

Alexis French-Parkinson – Fellowship Program Coordinator


Dr. Gregory Murphy is the program director.  He completed a fellowship in trauma and male reconstruction at University of California, San Francisco and specializes in urethroplasty, AUS, male sling, IPP, Peyronie’s surgery, ureteral strictures, benign urinary diversion, buried penis repair, rectourethral fistula repair and GU trauma. 

Dr. Charlie Jones completed a GURS fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco and is specializing in male reconstruction and transitional surgery.

Dr. Dane Johnson completed an infertility fellowship at the University of Milwaukee and specializes in men’s health, ED, Peyronie’s disease, infertility and mircrosurgery.

Dr. Henry Lai completed a female/neurourology fellowship at Baylor University who specializes in female urology and voiding dysfunction. In addition to a large surgical volume, fellows will participate in reconstruction clinic, gaining experience in preoperative decision making.

Goals and Objectives for Training

This fellowship provides robust exposure to complex male reconstructive urologic surgery with flexibility for training in infertility, congenitalism/transgender care, and female urology depending on interest. The fellow will attain graduated responsibility in the operating room throughout the year. Additionally, clinical research, surgical education and mentoring are emphasized.

Clinical Responsibilities

The fellow needs to obtain a Missouri medical license and will function as a clinical instructor with hospital staff privileges and will be part of the attending call pool.


The fellow will have the opportunity to participate in clinical research. Washington University Urology has a research coordinator, a statistician, a data extractor and multiple reconstruction databases to support research. The fellow will be expected to submit at least 2 abstracts to a regional or national meeting, and to submit at least one manuscript for peer-reviewed publication. Support is provided for travel to the annual meeting of the American Urological Association.


The fellow will supervise residents in the operating room and is expected to participate in weekly departmental conferences.

Prior Fellows

Kushan Radadia, MD – Private Practice, Atlanta, GA

Wesley Baas, MD – Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati

Shellee Ogawa, MD – Private Practice, St. Louis