The Center has funding to support 3 or 4 summer students who choose to work in urology-relevant laboratories for at least 6 weeks during the summer of 2013 or 2014. Please contact either Dr. Robert Gereau ( or Dr. Jeffrey Miner ( for details. We will be partnering with Washington University’s Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences Summer Research Program, which includes the Amgen Scholars Program and BiomedRAP. Details are available on the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences website.


Journal Club (JC) or Lab Meeting (LM)
10th Floor BJCIH Conference Room, Thursdays at 11 a.m.
June 27th First session: 1) Janey Symington Intro and 2) Charlie Moley (Mysorekar lab) (JC)
July 2nd (*Tues* due to the 4th being a holiday) Second session: 1) Joe Demaro (Jain lab) (JC) and 2) Colin Macones (Mysorekar lab) (JC)
July 11th Third session: 1) Jeff Miner presentation and 2) Mohammad Hashim (Miner lab) (LM/JC)
July 18th Fourth session: 1) Jessica Pires-Jancose (Jain lab) (JC) and 2) Emily Ma (Mysorekar lab) (JC)
July 25th Fifth session: 1) Sanjay Jain presentation and 2) Vikram Arun (Jain lab) (LM/JC)
August 1st Sixth session: 1) Gael Scholtes (Mysorekar Lab) (JC) and 2) Joe Demaro (Jain Lab) (LM)
August 8th Seventh session: 1) Charlie Moley (Mysorekar Lab) (LM) and 2) Colin Macones (Mysorekar Lab) (LM)
August 15th Eighth session: 1) Indira Mysorekar presentation and 2) Emily Ma (Mysorekar Lab) (LM)
August 22nd Ninth session: 1) Gael Scholtes (LM)
August 29th Tenth session: Open