Journal Club (JC)
10th Floor BJCIH AB Conference Room, Fridays at 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

June 6th First session: 1) Dr. Indira Mysorekar introduction and presentation and 2) Emily Ma (Mysorekar Lab) (JC)

June 13th Second session: 1) Dr. Jeff Miner presentation and 2) Jake Foote (Miner Lab) (JC)

June 20th Third session: 1) Michelle Recto (Jain Lab) (JC) and 2) Joy Twentyman (Mysorekar Lab) (JC)

June 27th Fourth session: 1) Dr. Vijay Samineni presentation and 2) Maya Menon (Jain Lab) (JC)

July 11th Fifth session: 1) Dr. Sanjay Jain presentation and 2) Chiragh Kapadia (Jain Lab) (JC)

July 18th Sixth session: 1) Dr. Judy Golden presentation and 2) John Webb (Golden Lab) (JC)

July 25th Seventh session: 1) Grace Deitzler (Lewis Lab) (JC) and 2) Connelly Miller (Henderson Lab) (JC)

August 1st Eighth session: Student summer research presentations

August 8th Ninth session: Student summer research presentations continued

August 15th Tenth session: 1) Colin Macones (Mysorekar Lab) (JC) and 2) Akhil Kumar (Mysorekar Lab) (JC)

August 22nd Eleventh session: Open