Faculty, staff and students within the Division of Public Health Sciences focus their energy, expertise and collaboration on making communities and populations healthier. Our researchers examine the impact of behaviors, communication, health screenings, treatments, environment and more. Their research findings are used to improve clinical care strategies and improve health across the life course.

Research Overview at a Glance

For a breakdown of expertise, download the PHS Faculty Research Methods Expertise PDF.

Epidemiology Joaquin BarnoyaGraham Colditz, Bettina Drake, Feng GaoYing Liu, Margaret Olsen, Yikyung ParkSiobhan Sutcliffe, Adetunji Toriola, Anke WinterYan Yan, Elizabeth Yanik
Chronic Disease Prevention Joaquin Barnoya, Ebony CarterSu-Hsin ChangGraham Colditz, Bettina Drake, Cynthia HerrickCassandra Arroyo JohnsonYing Liu, Yikyung ParkSiobhan Sutcliffe, Adetunji Toriola, Erika WatersElizabeth Yanik
Cancer Prevention Kenneth Carson, Su-Hsin Chang, Graham Colditz, Bettina Drake, Aimee James, Erin LinnenbringerYing LiuRebecca LobbMary Politi, Seth Strope, Siobhan SutcliffeAdetunji Toriola, Jean Wang
Biostatistics Feng Gao, Jeff GillCassandra Arroyo Johnson, Esther Lu, Rosy Luo, Siobhan SutcliffeYan Yan, Kim Trinkaus, Ningying Wu, Yu Tao
Community-Based Participatory Research Bettina Drake, Aimee James, Cassandra Arroyo JohnsonRebecca Lobb, Esther Lu
Comparative Effectiveness Kenneth Carson, Su-Hsin Chang, Graham Colditz, Margaret Olsen, Mary Politi, Seth Strope, Anke WinterYan Yan 
Health Disparities Kenneth Carson, Graham ColditzBettina DrakeCynthia HerrickAimee James, Cassandra Arroyo Johnson, Erin Linnenbringer, Ying LiuRebecca Lobb, Mary PolitiJean Wang, Erika Waters
Public Health Joaquin BarnoyaRoss Brownson, Ebony CarterGraham Colditz, Sarah GehlertRebecca Lobb, Elizabeth Yanik
Cancer Genetics and Genomics Graham ColditzErin Linnenbringer, Rosy Luo, Erika Waters
Health Literacy and Communication
Aimee James, Esther LuMary Politi, Erika Waters
Health Economics and Health Econometrics  Su-Hsin Chang, Graham Colditz