Heartland RHEC

The Heartland Regional Health Equity Council (Heartland RHEC) is one of ten councils designated by the National Partnership for Action to serve as leaders and catalysts for strengthening health equity across the nation. The Heartland RHEC (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Region VII) includes Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. Created as part of the NPA’s National Stakeholder Strategy for Achieving Health Equity, the councils foster collaboration with health equity stakeholders to create alignment between programs and initiatives and leverage assets to more effectively reduce health disparities. 

NEW! Read a draft of our 2014 Environmental Scan, which describes the challenges and opportunities for overcoming health disparities in our region. This document is open for public feedback; click here to share your comments.

A nation free of inequities in health and health care

To increase the effectiveness of programs that target the elimination of health disparities and address the determinants of health through the coordination of partners, leaders, and stakeholders committed to action within the Heartland region

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Heartland RHEC Blueprint
Read more about why we exist and our plan to help end health disparities.

Carla Gibson, The REACH Healthcare Foundation
Resha Nelson, Environmental Quality Commissioner for Jefferson City, MO


Awareness – Increase awareness of the significance of health disparities, their impact on the nation, and the actions necessary to improve health outcomes for racial, ethnic, and underserved populations
o Co-chairs: Roderick Harris and Kesha Nelson
Cultural and Linguistic Competency – Improve cultural and linguistic competency and the diversity of the health-related workforce
Data, Research & Evaluation – Improve data availability and coordination, utilization, and diffusion of research and evaluation outcomes
o Co-Chairs: Melody Goodman and Joseph Palm
Membership – Determine governance and policies, develop bylaws, charter and standard operating procedures, conduct officer elections, recruit new members, and terminate members (e.g., those that completed their term of service or inactive members)

Learn more about health disparities research, outreach and education through the Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities (PECaD) at the Siteman Cancer at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine.