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  • 08/05/2014
    Melody Goodman, PhD, discusses how someone's zip code is a better predictor of health than genetic code.

    Causes of excess mortality for African-American women with early stage breast cancer; white privilege, minority disadvantage and health disparities; physical activity strategy to prevent nocturia in men; and more.
  • June 2014 Research Digest Newsletter

    Understanding the impact of genetics and behavior on diseases; vitamin D and cancer prognosis; the need for early life research for breast cancer prevention; and more.
  • May 2014 Newsletter

    Breast cancer risk and fiber; banning tobacco point-of-sale ads; barriers to mammography; and more.
  • April 2014 Newsletter

    Health literacy interventions in the ED; daily hassles and health seeking behavior; preventing thousands of breast cancer cases each year; and more.
  • Graham Colditz to be honored for cancer prevention efforts

    Award will be presented June 1 during ASCO’s annual meeting in Chicago. As part of the honor, Colditz will give lecture on cancer prevention.
  • Colditz Receives ASCO-ACS Award

    Division Chief Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH, will receive the ASCO-ACS Award and give the award lecture on June 1 for his significant contributions to cancer prevention and control.
  • March 2014 Research Digest

    Quantifying pelvic pain flares; state data on colon cancer screening masks disparities in screening rates by county in Missouri; and more.
  • February Research Digest

    Shared decision making and clinical practice guidelines, inadequate bowel prep during colonoscopy, advancing implementation science, and more.
  • February 2014 Research Digest

    Bariatric surgery meta-analysis; chronic disease in St. Louis; new grant funds project using Zuum app in local clinics; and more.