Division Staff

Updated 9/22/15

Nicole A. Ackerman

Nils Carlsson – Public Health Research Technician, Chang Lab

Kay Coker –  Medical Secretary, Ivanovich Lab

Monica Cook – Lab Assistant, Colditz Lab

Deborah Curtis, MA – Administrative Coordinator, Colditz Lab

Christine Ekenga, PhD – Postdoctoral Research Associate

Pat Fisher – Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Colditz Lab

Nikki Freeman – Graduate Student

Daniel Gallo – Genetic/Clinical Counselor

Mary Heeley – Research Administrator

Katy Henke, MA – Media and Marketing Administrator

Veronica Hicks

Blanka Hodzic – Secretary II

Kellie Imm – Research Technician, Colditz Lab

Sonya Izadi – Public Health Research Technician, Colditz Lab

Carey Kebodeaux – Senior Public Health Research Technician, Politi Lab

Goldie Komaie – Public Health Research Supervisor

Marie Kuzemchak – Politi Lab

Jung Ae Lee-Bartlett, PhD – Postdoctoral Research Associate

Man-Yee Leung, PhD, MSc – Postdoctoral Research Associate

Joyce Linn – Program Coordinator, Master of Population Health Sciences

Suzanne Lino-Camacho – James Lab

Sarah Lyons – Program Coordinator, Lobb Lab

Miguelle Marous

Christine Marx, MA – Program Coordinator, TREC@WUSTL Project Three/SHOW-ME Study

Natasan McCray, MHA – Research Patient Assistant, James Lab

Melissa Milbrandt – Winter Lab

Laurel Milan

Denise Monti – Student

Saffiyah Muhammad, MPH – Public Health Research Technician, Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities

Meera Muthukrishnan, MPH – Research Assistant, James Lab

Ratna Pakpahan, MHA – Staff Scientist, Sutcliffe Lab

Sydney Philpott – Public Health Research Coordinator, Colditz Lab

Danielle Rancilio – Public Health Research Technician, Drake Lab

Laura Santangelo –Grants/Budget Specialist

Karyn Stewart, PhD – Postdoctoral Research Associate

Carolyn Stoll, MPH, MSW – Public Health Research Technician, Colditz Lab

Lesa Sutherland – Grants/Budget Specialist

Yu Tao, PhD – Research Statistician 

Jennifer Tappenden – Senior Data Control Coordinator, Colditz Lab

Kathryn Trinkaus, PhD – Research Statistician 

Tom Walsh – Project Manager

Courtney Wheeler – Public Health Research Technician

Ningying Wu, PhD – Research Statistician 

Liu Yang, PhD – Postdoctoral Research Associate