Drew Brauer

David Brauer, MD

Hometown: Clive, Iowa

Undergraduate: University of Iowa

Medical School: University of Iowa School of Medicine

Medical School

University of Iowa

Selected Publications

Pearlman A, Loke J, Le Caignec C, WhiteS, Chin L, Friedman A, Warr N, Willan J, Brauer D, Farmer C, Brooks E, Oddoux C, Riley B, Shajahan S, Camerino G, Homfray T, Crosby AH, Couper J, David A, Greenfield A, Sinclair A, Ostrer H. Mutations in MAP3K1 Cause 46,XY Disorders of Sex Development and Implicate a Common Signal Transduction Pathway in Human Testis Determination. The American Journal Of Human Genetics.2010 Dec; 87(6): 898-904. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 21129722.

Moreno LM, Mansilla MA, Bullard SA, Cooper ME, Busch TD, Machida J, Johnson MK, Brauer D, Krahn K, Daack­ Hirsch S, L'Heureux J, Valencia-Ramirez C, Rivera D, Lopez AM, Moreno MA. Hing A, Lammer EJ, Jones M, Christensen K, Lie RT, Jugessur A, et al. FOXE1 association with both isolated cleft lip with or without cleft palate, and isolated cleft palate. Human Molecular Genetics.2009 Sep; 18(24): 4879-4896. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 19779022.

Poster Presentations

Brauer, D., Axelson, R., Emrich, J., Rowat, J., Stafford, H. (2012, November). Improving the Transition from Pre­ Clinical to Clinical Education for Medical and Physician Assistant Students Through a Near-Peer Shadowing Program. Poster presented at: Medical Education Celebration, Carver College of Medicine; Iowa City, lA.

Brauer, D., Pearlman, A., Shajahan S., Ostrer H. (2008, July). Splicing and Downstream Target Effects of a Heritable Mutation in a Novel Human Sex-determining Gene. Poster presented at: Summer Research Symposium, Summer Undergraduate Research Program, Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, New York University; New York, NY.

Oral Presentations

Brauer, D. (2008, December). Case/Control Sequence Analysis of Polymorphisms in FOXE1 on C!efting. Oral Presentation presented at: Honors Thesis Seminar, Department of Biology, University of Iowa; Iowa City, lA.

Brauer, D. (2008, July). Splicing and Downstream Target Effects of a Heritable Mutation in a Novel Human Sex­determining Gene. Oral Presentation presented at: Leadership Alliance National Symposium; Hartford, CT.