Many opportunities exist in the department for resident input to the program. On a day-to-day level, residents help create the call schedule on their services and have great latitude to change it. At the beginning of each academic year, the different PGY levels meet to discuss upcoming rotations and present a preliminary yearly schedule to the administrative chief resident for review. All ideas and input are taken into consideration before the final schedule is drawn up. Periodically, town hall meetings are held to discuss issues that need to be discussed before the scheduled resident retreat, which is held annually in the spring.

Administrative Chief Residents:

Jouan Jose Blondet Derek Wakeman-125X175
Juan Jose Blondet, MD Derek Wakeman, MD

Each year, two chief residents are selected by the Department of Surgery administration to become administrative chief residents. The administrative chief residents' role is to work with the program director (Dr. Michael Awad) to create the yearly block schedule and the monthly call schedule for the residency. In addition, the administrative chief residents are responsible for moderating the weekly Morbidity and Mortality Conferences and Educational Conferences. Administrative chief residents are also voting members of the Surgery Residency Committee. This is an excellent leadership opportunity within the Department of Surgery. Drs. Derek Wakeman and Juan Jose Blondet were selected as administrative chief residents for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Resident Representative:

Alejandro BribriescoAlex Bribriesco, MDEach year, the residents elect one resident to be a voting member of the Surgery Residency Committee. This group meets monthly to discuss resident, clinical and laboratory issues. Dr. Alejandro Bribriesco is the resident representative for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Residents' Retreat:

Each year in the spring, the Department of Surgery holds a retreat where residents meet to discuss how to improve the residency. All residents are relieved of clinical duties while fellows or attendings cover the services.

This year the morning portion of the retreat began with a program overview given by the two administrative chief residents, career development seminars, and team building excercises.  After lunch the residents boarded the shuttle to Hidden Valley Ski Resort for an afternoon of snow tubing on the Polar Express.

Resident PGY Level Meetings:

Every Wednesday morning Dr. Awad meets with a different PGY class in an informal setting with breakfast served.  This relaxed forum, gives him and the residents an opportunity to discuss how tings on their respective services are going and keeps them abreast of any issues that may currently be arising.