Any great academic urology program combines outstanding patient care, cutting-edge research and a dedicated commitment to the education of future specialists in the field. The continued success of the Division of Urologic Surgery's research and education endeavors is dependent on the generosity of former residents and fellows, grateful patients, as well as alumni of the School of Medicine. That generosity enables the Division of Urologic Surgery to continue to provide its patients with the most comprehensive care for urologic diseases and conditions in addition to offering cutting edge treatments not available anywhere else in the region.

You may direct your charitable gift to a particular disease, program or physician’s research area. Your donation to research can enable the division's physicians and scientists to continue their search for new cures and innovative treatments. Our goal is to translate scientific discoveries into medical realities, which are made possible through ongoing philanthropic support. Or, your contribution to the Division of Urologic Surgery can help ensure that residents and fellows continue to receive outstanding medical education and go on to become national leaders in the field.

Whatever your philanthropic goal, we greatly appreciate your interest in supporting and being a part of our team of committed physicians and scientists in the Division of Urologic Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine.

Making an Online Gift:
Click on this link to make an online gift to the Division of Urology.

Please follow the directions below.

  1. Select category of gift.
  2. You will see four drop down boxes with the second one designated "School of Medicine."
  3. In the box below, select "Other" and a blank box will appear. Type in “Division of Urology,” then enter a gift amount. Click “Save Area & Amount.”
  4. If this gift will be matched by your employer, complete the Matching Gifts section.
  5. Complete the remainder of the form and submit.