Reconstructive Urology

Washington University urologic surgeons have expertise and extensive experience performing complex reconstructive surgery on the kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra and male genitals. Our section is unique because we are a high-volume center with a multidisciplinary approach, combining the expertise and experience of urologists, plastic surgeons and colorectal surgeons. These nationally recognized surgeons have particular expertise in the following problems:

  • Urethral disruption injuries from pelvic fracture
  • Recto-urinary fistulas after prostatectomy or pelvic surgery
  • Refractory male urethral strictures
  • Radiation-induced urinary fistulas
  • Major bladder reconstruction – urinary diversion, continent catherizable stomas (Mitrofanoff, Monti), neobladder, augmentation cystoplasty, MACE (antegrade continent enema)
  • Major ureter reconstruction - Boari flap, Psoas hitch, ileal ureter, trans-ureteroureterostomy, complex pyleoplasty
  • Vesicovaginal or ureterovaginal fistulas after pelvic surgery
  • Male urinary incontinence – artificial urinary sphincter, male sling, bulking agents
  • Peyronie’s disease – plaque incision and grafting, penile placation.

Section of Reconstructive Urology
Dr. Steven Brandes
Urology: Dr. Steven Brandes, Dr. Paul Austin
Colorectal Surgery: Dr. Steve Hunt
Plastic Surgery: Dr. Tommy Tung

Live Videos: Video of Dr. Brandes at the AUA National Meeting in April 2009 from Chicago: Plenary Session Panel Discussion of World Experts on The Use of Buccal Mucosa Grafts in Urethral Reconstruction.

Video of plenary session discussion, by a panel of world experts, on the topic of "Controversies in Urethral Reconstruction," that Dr. Brandes moderated at the AUA Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., in May 2011.

Textbook on Urethral Reconstructive Surgery, edited by our Section Chief, Dr. Steven Brandes

Brandes Textbook

Dr. Steven Brandes, director of the Section of Reconstructive Urology, is the author of a comprehensive, authoritative textbook that offers up-to-date information on urethral surgery. The book, "Urethral Reconstructive Surgery," was published by Springer Press in August 2008.

The textbook:

  • Provides a comprehensive review of adult urethral reconstructive surgery.
  • Details how to evaluate and manage complex urethral problems and how to end the cycle of short-lived, temporizing procedures.
  • Is practical and visually appealing.
  • Functions as a surgical atlas for urethral surgery.
  • Was written by leading world experts from North and South America, Western Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

To see detailed samples of the textbook chapters, go to Google Books.

Articles by Dr. Steven Brandes:

Urethral Stricture Evaluation and Surgical Management
Urologic Complications from Pelvic and Vaginal Surgery: How to Diagnose and Manage

The following web site links are to the American Urological Association patient information resource center. These web pages are useful and have a wealth of information that will help to guide you in your care.

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